Visit of the Lic, Fernando Jauregui - EcoPracticas

Lic Fernando Jauregui, Producer of EcoPracticas, broadcast by Globovision, with part of "Equipo MIZA", during the filming of a program that will appear soon. Thank you, Mr. Jauregui, for your visit and constant support. Photo: from right to left: Prof Jairelen Mora, Prof Vilma Savini, Lic Fernando Jauregui and Prof Quintin Arias.


Geert Goemans, a Cicada specialist visits MIZA

The Belgian biologist Geert Goemans, visited our Museum in the month of May. He took this opportunity to record the songs of several species of cicadas on the campus of the Faculty of Agronomy and associate them with live specimens. He was also fortunate to find two specimens of Aragualna plenalinea from Rancho Grande and photograph them alive.

Aquatic insect specialists visit MIZA

As part of the Aquatic Coleoptera of Venezuela project (MIZA-UCV and University of Kansas, USA), we received the visit of Dr. Ralph Holzenthal and his graduate student Robin Thomas, both working in the taxonomy of neotropical Trichoptera. Dr. Andrew Short and his graduate student Monica Tellez of the University of New Mexico also visited us.