MIZA facade

The Museum of the Institute of Agricultural Zoology "Francisco Fernández Yépez" (MIZA), is an institution dedicated to the study of tropical biodiversity. We are convinced that the knowledge of our biological heritage is closely related to its preservation and sustainable use, that is why environmental education is a vital tool to form conscious and protective citizens of our biological heritage.

Our Vision is to be a fundamental institution for the study and conservation of the fauna of the American tropics, especially that of Venezuela and the Andean and Caribbean region, in order to contribute to its sustainable use over time, and thus achieve a greater social welfare. We are an institution with high quality personnel, identified with the activities of the MIZA and convinced that education in all its expressions is the key to achieve a better society, compatible with its natural environment.

Our mission is to contribute to the knowledge of the Venezuelan fauna and other areas of the Neotropics in conjunction with public and private entities, through the use of modern strategies of museology, in order to achieve the sustainable use of our biodiversity and thus improve the quality of life.

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